Sandy Rogers is a master at connecting people together. She knows just about everyone in town and makes it her mission to introduce people to the contacts and businesses that will benefit them. In addition, she is an avid supporter of small business and generously donates her time and talents to help organizations and individuals thrive and succeed with their events. She has been a sponsor of my events for over 8 years and I have personally benefited greatly from her expertise. When you need to know where to go for something important, just ask Sandy Rogers.
Provided By: Susan Ratliff
Founder Women Entrepreneurs' Small Business Boot Camp & President of Susan Ratliff Presents, Phoenix, AZ
I have never met anyone who loves what they do more than Sandy. When Sandy is connecting people, her eyes light up along with her amazing gift of creativity. Sandy has had a very high profile in the holistic health and metaphysical community in the Phoenix market for over 17 years, which means when you need a connections with a person, organization, product or even, the most efficient use of your time and energy is to just ask Sandy Rogers. She could easily be considered 'the source'. Because Sandy is spirit-directed, it is most appropriate to refer to her as a great resource.
Provided By: KC Miller
Author and Founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, AZ
Before I even met Sandy, I already knew of her. Her rock solid, yet warm, reputation definitely precedes her and it has been a pleasure getting to know her and work with her over the last 4 years. I've witnesses Sandy participate in many successful ventures and have enjoyed working with her on a few of them. I definitely recommend her and am looking forward to our next project together.
Provided By: Gelie Akhenblit
Founder and CEO, Networking Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
Sandy Rogers, you are one of the best net workers I know. Referral Queen certainly fits you! Everywhere I go, you are either there, or you are represented. You seem to know everyone in town, which is a great thing! I have used several of your services throughout the years and have always found you a wonderful person to work with. You have great ideas, which others tend to follow. You have great leadership abilities which I believe is key to your success, not only as a business woman, but as a spiritual being. I have a great amount of respect for the work you do and the person that you are. Thank you also for your intuitive awareness, in creating AskSandyRogers.com. It has helped many of us spiritual teachers reach an audience of like minds and souls.
Provided By: Sunny Dawn Johnson
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Psychic Medium and Teacher , Phoenix, AZ
Sandy Rogers is a consummate Networker and valuable connector. With her help and the help of Bill Gluthher group, AskSandyRogers.com, I have been able to successfully promote classes I conduct and reach a responsive audience easily and at low cost. In addition, anytime I need help on reaching a specific individual or group, I know I can count on Sandy to help me find the right connections quickly. I highly recommend Sandy as a valuable asset to anyone’s personal and business network. Make sure you get to know Sandy, today.
Provided By: Bill Gluth
Motivator of Focused Change and Author of 90 Minute Time Manager, Sedona, AZ
Sandy has helped me to understand what marketing and network marketing really is about and how much fun it can be – she totally convinced me that it is all about building relationships, relationships, relationships! She has a great understanding of the market as a whole, but moreover she understands the ‘people’ element in today’s marketing. She teaches you how to get out there in the public with your business through networking. If you want to build your business and your referrals, get Sandy to work with you right now, don’t wait any longer. You will NOT regret it. When times are changing, YOU need to change. Just ask Sandy – she can help! That’s why I call her The Referral Queen.
Provided By: Elvire Smith
Founder of Team to Succeed, Phoenix, AZ
There are people in this world that if you could just reach out and touch them you know it would make a huge difference in their lives and in your business. But how do you go about successfully doing this? And how do you do this when there are so many things on your plate – it is as if youDebra Thompson Roedl need an extra pair of hands! Well, Sandy Rogers filled that need for me in more ways than one. I’m Debra Thompson Roedl, co-founder of the Next Level Institute and co-founder of SMART (Seminar Marketing Alliance Resource Team). Sandy was that link and extra pair of hands to help me promote an event that I just recently had. Within an hour of contacting her to see if should could refer me to her database and friends, she went into action. I know she’s recognized as the Queen of Referrals and networking too…. Now I know why! I have never in all of my years of business had results that quickly! Sandy has a strong relationships with key people that you can gain access to through her. I highly recommend utilizing Sandy as a “second pair of hands” to help you grow your business. You truly won’t find a friend that has qualified connections and relationships in place and that operates on your behalf so quickly and diligently. She’s by far the Best!
Provided By: Debra Thompson Roedl
Co-Founder of the Next Level Institute and SMART, Phoenix, AZ
Here is my advice, hire Sandy Rogers when you are looking to expand your business, find industry connections or gain more exposure for your products / services. Sandy is not only one of the most connected people in the State of Arizona, she is also one of most sincere, caring, and giving people you could choose to do business with. Give her a call, visit www.asksandyrogers.com, or send her an email. You'll be happy to have her on your team!
Provided By: Scott McLaine
Chief Strategy Officer of Xtreme Media Marketing, Paradise Valley, AZ

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